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Anyone can build voice-enabled services.

gigaaa Developer Community

Simple documentation

Step by step guidance that allows anyone to create extraordinary apps and integrations into gigaaa’s constantly growing user community.

Frustration-free testing

Both testing and live environments are kept up-to-date. This avoids the common headache of apps breaking at launch.

Go live quickly

Benefit from a clear and fast certification process that ensures the best possible experience for your users.

Global Availability

Make our service available in 5 supported languages and 20 different country.

Ways to Build with gigaaa

gigaaa Verticals

Build skills for gigaaa and seamleslly
integrate gigaaa technology into your
conversational commerce experiences.

gigaaa Services

A connected devices platform can have a
wide variety of features, they manage data transmitted by devices, the backend systems that process the data, and general device lifecycle administration. gigaaa is excellent for all of them to provide a better solution for your device using voice control and artificial intelligence.

Connected Devices

Connect your devices to gigaaa and
add voice to your big idea. With gigaaa,
you can enable natural and intuitive
customer interactions. Add gigaaa to
your smart home devices to enable
voice control of your smart cameras.

Start Building Engaging Services

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