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Frequently Asked Questions

Who can become a partner?

Shortly said, anyone can join the gigaaa Partner Program. Regardless whether you run a digital marketing agency, work in an IT business or grow your audience through online content and social media posts, gigaaa has a place for you in our program.

What is the difference between Affiliate and Reseller programs?

In Affiliate program, you share your own affiliate link with your audience and earn a 15% recurring commission for every transaction made by a user brought to our app via your link. As a Reseller partner you implement gigaaa Plug-in and develop customized solutions at your own fee for your client network while also receiving a 40% of total gigaaa revenue consisting of API calls and app transactions.

Can I resell gigaaa software to my customers?

Yes. You can become a gigaaa Reseller partner and resell gigaaa software to your clients. For further information please visit:

Where do I get my affiliate link?

You will get your own affiliate link shortly after registration to the program. Read more information here:

How do I register?

Open the Partner Program webpage and find the “Contact us” application form at the bottom of the page. Shortly after you complete the form, you will be contacted by our team.

How can I become a Premium Partner?

As an Affiliate, it is necessary to achieve 10 000 new registered users through your affiliate link to become a Premium Partner and double your commission to 30%. As a Reseller, you ought to make 10 product implementations to get the Premium status and increase your commission to 50%.

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